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healthy meals delivery

Lean Kitchen Catering is a healthy meal plan delivery service. If your goal is to lose weight or if you simply don’t have the time to prepare nutritious meals, then our fresh, and perfectly proportioned meals are the perfect solution for you!  We deliver healthy and delicious meals to your home or office daily, and our delivery service is FREE.


Key points to


  • Freshly made and delivered daily. No preservatives or msg.

  • Flexible: No contracts! Pay as you go!

  • A variety of menus designed by professionals based on a healthy smart diet.

  • Easy Online Ordering System.

  • Premium packaging and individual BPA free and microwavable safe containers allow easy storage and preserve the individual flavors.

  • An excellent customer support team that helps with any questions or needs our customers may have.

  • Free Delivery to your home, office or school daily

3 additional reasons

1. Time

How much time are you spending grocery shopping, prepping meals, cooking and then cleaning up? Your time is worth more than that! This is the reason why you should let us take care of the chores and provide you with our healthy delivered meal services. Let us do all the work. Trust us, you are in good hands.


2. Money

We challenge you, for one week, to log every dollar you spend on food and the time you spend going to a restaurant, parking your car, tips, or simply shopping for food, prepping it, cooking it and then cleaning up after it. Then think about how much your time is worth.


Now realize the fact that not only are you NOT saving time or money, but you're also not having the variety of food that the Lean Kitchen Family provides its clients with on a daily basis. You need a full spectrum of nutrients to achieve your inner wellness we provide them for you.


3. Convenience

What is more convenient then having your own personal Chef delivering healthy meals right to your home, office, or school?  Nothing! And we know that! that's why we provide you with exactly what you need to achieve or maintain your body's goals.